17 Examples Of People Having Really Good Luck

05 May 2017

Most of us tend to think that we have more bad luck than good luck, but every now and then, we all get those little moments when things just seem to go right. Getting good luck isn’t just about winning a million dollars or bumping into the love of your life; fortune can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

1. This guy dodged a tetanus shot here!

2. Yep, that’s a storm grate, the sewer, and his keys.

3. Three drinks for the price of one!

4. When you drop your phone and it lands like this, you know you’ve got a guardian angel.

5. Let’s save you the math… they got two extra!

6. Two packets of ramen flavoring? That’s amazing!

7. The biggest Cap’n ever! So sweet!

8. The Lucky Charms dream.

9. He said I could have one… this is one right?

10. A whole box of red dots? That’s the dream!

11. We didn’t know that was even possible!

12. It’s like the tree knew…

13. It must have felt so good to open that packet.

14. How do you make a 24 pack of corona even better? Make it a 25 pack!

15. It’s a delicious rainbow…

16. This guy should become a professional.

17. Triple Pop Tart. Does it get any better than that?

Images source: bloggeresarena.com

17 Examples Of People Having Really Good Luck
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