10 Shocking Behind-The-Scenes Photos From the Set of Titanic

04 May 2017

Is there anyone out there who still haven’t watched the legendary movie Titanic? Probably not.Although, most of the people watched this epic movie, only a few know what happened inside the set of Titanic. These rare photos reveal the real work and effort put into the movie. Here are 10 behind-the-scenes photos from Titanic you’ve never seen before! These photos will make you want to re-watch Titanic with another perspective!

1. Who would believe that this crazy, heart wrenching scene took place at a terrifying height of just 5 feet off the ground

Photo: adami.ge

2. Don’t worry about the people who are about to fall down from the ship… They are covered with a comfy mattress!

Photo: vev.ru

3. You have to admit – this (most famous) scene is way less romantic with James Cameron standing behind!

Photo: media.pathe.nl

4. All of these passengers aren’t actually on the brink of death.

Photo: earnthis.net

5. And this is what the boat looks like on set.

Photo: i.refresher.sk

6. This picture catches Rose fooling around while on set.

Photo: imgur.com

7. Rose does what she has to to save Jack. She even called James Cameron in to help out.

Photo: film.ru

8. Apparently, to be a good director you need to be a good swimmer.

Photo: izismile.com

9. If this doesn’t prove that there was enough room for both of them, nothing does!

Photo: oscars.org

10. Ok, her double totally deserved an Oscar too.

Photo: adami.ge
10 Shocking Behind-The-Scenes Photos From the Set of Titanic
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